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About Breathing Space

This page explains how this tool was created

Breathing Space was developed by AVA and the steering group of Experts by Experience. It was originally funded by Comic Relief with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation as part of the Tech for Good funding programme. AVA’s work is focused on those areas where we can make the best contribution to ending gender-based violence and abuse.

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We do this by: Making sure that survivors get the help and support they need in the here and now.

Development of Breathing Space

Co-production was at the heart of the whole development process and was lead by a steering group of Experts by Experience, an empowering term for women with lived experience.

The steering group was involved in each stage of the development process and co-produced every aspect of the tool. The project embedded safeguarding and trauma-informed principles across every part of the work.

Members of our steering group have created a podcast series that outlines their experience of AVA's co-production approach and their reflection of different stages of the process.

Episode one

Episode two

Our digital partner, Infact

Infact is the digital partner on this project. Their agile approach was vital in enabling our co-production process.

AVA's co-production approach

This approach meant we were able to create spaces where the steering group felt safe and empowered to share their experiences and knowledge of what was needed in a tool for survivors.

To find out more about AVA's work visit our website.